Update your installation

It is important to keep an up to date installation of Agorakit We try to keep the master branch always in a good, safe, and working condition (this is called a “rolling release” model).

That means that tests passes and that you get the latest features directly from the master branch.

Make a backup

Make a backup of your SQL database in case something goes wrong.

Update script for automated updates

There is a helper script that does the update for you ::
$ ./update

Beware that the script will migrate your database without asking for confirmation. Always make a backup of the database just in case something goes wrong.

Proceed with the update manually

You can at anytime do this to update your install

$ php artisan down
$ git pull
$ composer install
$ php artisan migrate
$ php artisan up

If something goes wrong

Restore your database backup and git checkout a previous (working) version. Then re-run composer install.

Contact me if an update fails (it never happened so this kind of failure is highly interesting information for the project).